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Images - Thermal and Tempering Valves - Thermally Activated Valves
A thermally activated valve (thermal valve) is a self contained thermal control device that internally contains a wax motor and valve components. These valves are used to control fluids by sensing thermal and or pressure levels.
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Rostra Vernatherm
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A thermally activated valve provides reliable, automated, and non electric solutions for control through thermal expansion. In real-time our thermal valves monitor temperature within applied systems and perform the tasks of port diverting, mixing, and or port modulation.

Product DescriptionTypes and Function
Valve: 3 Port Thermal Diverter Valve
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  Valve: 4 Port Thermal Bypass
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  Valve: 3 Port Mixing
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3portbypasscold   valueillustrations4portbypasscold   valueillustrations3portmixing5050
The three port diversion valve diverts flow through the valve between ports B & A, to B & C when a pre-set temperature level is met. Each customer has the freedom to choose a diversion temperature between 30F-300F (-1.1C - 148.9C).   The four port diversion valve offers an alternative method to the three port valve on the left. Cold flow will enter port A and exit out of port D without flowing through B. Hot flow will activate the wax motor inside causing the internal valve to close forcing fluid through the system cooler and back into port C of the valve.   The three port mixing valve has two inlets, and a single outlet for the mix temperature. This valve will shuttle between the hot and cold "inlet feeds" to appropriately mix your fluid to the desired temperature suited for your system.


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